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  • Do I need to know how to run an Industrial Training Business?
    No you don't. Having the right personality, ability and characteristics is far more important. Our aim is to recruit franchise owners who have commitment, drive, ambition, and enthusiasm for the business and have some previous experience operating plant equipment, but this is not essential. We will assist you to obtain a greater understanding of how a good industrial training business should be run.
  • What type of person are we looking to recruit?
    We are looking for committed, ambitious and motivated individuals who have the desire to own, operate and develop their own business, with or without experience from all backgrounds. As demonstrated via our committment to the Armed Forces Covenant we strongly believe that the characteristics displayed by those individuals leaving a service career could have the ability to operate a sucessful franchise with us. (Currently five members of the Phoenix are ex forces veterans / reservists).
  • What is the growth potential?
    Phoenix Industrial Training has developed its business model in line with modern systems and ideas to ensure that it captures, both current and future markets in multiple sectors. The opportunities for growth, depend entirely upon you, and how big you want your business to be. As with any franchise, success is due to the demanding work and dedication of the franchisee. The potential for growth will also depend on the aspirations of each franchisee! for example, whether you decide to recruit additional instructors or stay a "one man band". A number of our current franchisees are aiming to own more than one territory. The options are there for each franchisee.
  • What is your recruitment procedure for franchisees?
    Once you have received your franchise information pack and should you wish to pursue the matter further, then we will invite you to our main office for a meeting to discuss the matter in more detail.
  • Can I sell my franchise in the future?
    Yes. You can sell the franchise at any point, and whilst we will work with you to find a suitable buyer we will also have the first option to purchase the business. Any potential buyers can only be confirmed by ourselves.
  • What are the potential earnings?
    Your earnings will depend entirely on your hard work and business plan. All of our current franchisee's have diffierent aspirations and their business plans differ accordingly.
  • Will I be expected to open a training centre?
    No not at all. depending on where your territory is located you would have the ability to book and use one of the network of training centres. However, if you decided to open your own centre, we would be able to offer advice, support and accreditation to ease the process.
  • How long is the franchise agreement?
    Our franchise agreement lasts for five years with an automatic option to renew subject to minimum performance criteria. We are committed to offering the continuing on-going support for all our new franchise operations. We provide hands-on support whenever it is needed. We provide regular support visits, regular audit and review visits, training and development meetings in order to share ideas and experiences. Our Phoenix Induction course offers a full week of training on our in-house systems, operations and services and our back-office services. We have a comprehensive business model already in place which takes away all the head-aches so you can focus on making profit. You can be reassured by the fact that Phoenix Industrial Training is accredited each year and is recognised for its high standards. It is also in the brand’s best interests to train and support franchisees, as the franchise only makes its money when franchisees are making money for themselves.
  • When can I speak to some franchisees?
    Only after we have met and decided that all parties are happy to explore a franchise opportunity with Phoenix Industrial Training. We are looking for talented and motivated franchise partners and, as such, have a stringent recruitment policy. Our franchisees are busy running their own businesses, and we respect that. They have been in the same position as you, though, and are willing to meet with genuine parties that have been through the correct channels. They also want us to make the right selection of potential franchisees because making the wrong selection can only be bad news for everyone. We work well as a whole team!
  • How long does it take to start after signing?
    This depends on when we are schedulled to be running the necessary courses. However, the timescale also depends on the individual franchisee and what prior experience / qualifications the already have. The order in which courses are attended can also be changed in certain situations. That said, every territory will be different, and we will work with you to complete the necessary documents. We will assist you to finalise the business and marketing plans.
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