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Phoenix Industrial Training has over two decades of experience delivering exceptional accredited operator and instructor training that meets the wide-ranging needs of companies of all types and sizes. We pride ourselves on delivering the highest quality of service to our clients and candidates. Talk to a member of our team today on 033 3366 0065 to find out if Phoenix Industrial Training could be the right fit for you, or click the franchise brochure button below and complete the contact form to receive your copy of our brochure.



"Not only do you get help and support to grow your own business, but you also get a great initial set up and ongoing admin package that you would be hard pushed to match elsewhere.

Operationally if you need people to cover for you, you will be safe in the knowledge that everyone is trained to the same standard and delivers the same content – albeit in their own individual style.

Last but by no means least Phoenix insist on a good standard of compliance from everybody in the important matters of company standards and the authorising bodies criteria".

Guy Morton - Franchisee, Warrington
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With the emphasis growing on the importance of Health & Safety in the work environment there has never been a better time to be an industrial trainer and examiner. You don't have to look too far to see a local business operating a forklift truck or other piece of industrial plant equipment. With all the additional courses we offer the opportunity is enormous. 


At Phoenix Industrial Training we can lead you from entry level training right through to expert user qualifications. We specialise in delivering training in a wide range of sectors and below you can see some examples:


We are an approved Partner of LANTRA the leading land management awarding body. This is a huge sector covering, 


Forestry                    -  Loader cranes and chain saw safety.

Horticulture               -  Manual handling at plant seeding.

Agriculture                -  Telehandlers on the farm.

Food preparation      -  A factory environment covering a wide range of safety courses.

Shooting                   -  Shotgun and rifle management for sport and animal control.
First aid                    -  Emergency first aid at work, mental health at work.


We are an approved Training Provider with ITSSAR and LANTRA and all our Plant Qualifications are recognised by the CTITB, this is a massive growing sector which has a strong emphasis on worker safety and appropriate, relevant training,​


Materials handling      - Rough terrain forklifts.

On-Site                       - Power tools and site safety.

Plant                           - Dumper trucks, 180/360 excavators, road rollers, and tracked excavators.
First aid                       - Emergency first aid at work, mental health at work.


A high Growth area with the expansion of warehousing, employers are employing increasing numbers of drivers and depot staff especially in the home and business delivery areas.

The storage & distribution industry covers a huge range of materials that need to be stored and safely delivered to customers.  The industry is reliant on its handling equipment and must ensure staff are correctly trained. At Phoenix Industrial Training, we help companies ensure a safe and effective work area. 


Yard work                    - Yard safety, forklift truck (various categories).

Vehicle movement      - Banksman.

Material handling        - Manual handling, slips, trips and falls.

First aid                       - Emergency first aid at work, mental health at work.


A Specialist area of construction, racking, mezzanine, and infrastructure support, fitting out active and storage warehousing.


Assembly                     - Abrasive wheels & handling.

Materials handling       - Reach trucks, telescopic handlers.

High level work            - MEWPS, scissor lift, cherry picker.

Worker access            - Harness safety, working at heights.

First aid                       - Emergency first aid at work, mental health at work.


With thousands of miles of coast and inland waterways, marinas, and boatyards, there is a constant movement of boats being hoisted ashore for maintenance and repair.


Hoisting                      - Pendant cranes & forklifts.

Transport                    - Boat Transporters.

Cargo containers       - Extra-large forklift trucks.

First aid                      - Emergency first aid at work, mental health at work.


British engineering and manufacturing is thriving in most towns and cities throughout the UK, all of these organisations require their staff to be trained on the safe use of an extensive range of equipment.

Steelwork                  - Overhead Cranes, Side Loaders

Transport                   - Lorry Loaders and Slinging & Signalling


There is a large opportunity for industrial trainers in the retail environment. In fact, some of our largest clients are in this sector and there is so much opportunity for us to gain new clients in organisations such as builders’ merchants and timber yards. This sector is very similar to the distribution sector.


Yard work                  - Yard safety, forklift truck (various categories).

Vehicle movement    - Banksman.

Material handling      - Manual handling, slips & trips.

Goods movement     - Lorry Mounted Crane.                       

First aid                    - Emergency first aid at work, mental health at work.


RETAIL (Builders Merchants)

An area of Phoenix expertise we supply a full range of training packages to several local and national Builders merchants. Ensuring the safety in busy yards where lorries unloading / deliveries being dispatched & customers collecting stock need to be kept safe on a busy Yard

Incoming                  - Yard Work & Forklift, Side Loader Trucks

Deliveries                - Lorry Loader, Loading Shovels

Yard Safety              - Vehicle Banksman, Manual Handling

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British Franchise Association (BFA) Membership

We are Emerging members of the British Franchise Association. The  foundations of our franchise opportunity have been laid with BFA membership approval as it's core principle.  Our franchise agreement has been written by specialist franchise solicitors recommended by the BFA thus meeting the bfa’s Code of Ethics.

We therefore have to be able to demonstrate that our development programme is founded on good franchising practice. Provisional Member companies commit to complying with the conditions of membership and to work to achieving the standards for Associate Membership within two years.


Darren Clover

"As a team, Phoenix are committed to supporting you in reaching your business goals. As such, we are always here to guide you through all the stages of owning a Phoenix Industrial Training franchise from your initial enquiry to running your first course and beyond.


Once you have decided to purchase your franchise, if you are new to our industry you will be booked onto your initial training courses at our Burton on Trent training centre which includes a 10 day forklift instructor / examiner course and our Phoenix induction course.


During the induction course you will be provided with all the necessary tools and knowledge to be able to head out on the journey of building a successful Phoenix franchise within your exclusive territory.


The entire team are looking forward to working with our new franchisees as we become more able to service new and existing clients throughout the UK".

  • Do I need to know how to run an Industrial Training Business?
    No you don't. Having the right personality, ability and characteristics is far more important. Our aim is to recruit franchise owners who have commitment, drive, ambition, and enthusiasm for the business and have some previous experience operating plant equipment, but this is not essential. We will assist you to obtain a greater understanding of how a good industrial training business should be run.
  • What type of person are we looking to recruit?
    We are looking for committed, ambitious and motivated individuals who have the desire to own, operate and develop their own business, with or without experience from all backgrounds. As demonstrated via our committment to the Armed Forces Covenant we strongly believe that the characteristics displayed by those individuals leaving a service career could have the ability to operate a sucessful franchise with us. (Currently five members of the Phoenix are ex forces veterans / reservists).
  • What is the growth potential?
    Phoenix Industrial Training has developed its business model in line with modern systems and ideas to ensure that it captures, both current and future markets in multiple sectors. The opportunities for growth, depend entirely upon you, and how big you want your business to be. As with any franchise, success is due to the demanding work and dedication of the franchisee. The potential for growth will also depend on the aspirations of each franchisee! for example, whether you decide to recruit additional instructors or stay a "one man band". A number of our current franchisees are aiming to own more than one territory. The options are there for each franchisee.
  • What is your recruitment procedure for franchisees?
    Once you have received your franchise information pack and should you wish to pursue the matter further, then we will invite you to our main office for a meeting to discuss the matter in more detail.
  • Can I sell my franchise in the future?
    Yes. You can sell the franchise at any point, and whilst we will work with you to find a suitable buyer we will also have the first option to purchase the business. Any potential buyers can only be confirmed by ourselves.
  • What are the potential earnings?
    Your earnings will depend entirely on your hard work and business plan. All of our current franchisee's have diffierent aspirations and their business plans differ accordingly.
  • Will I be expected to open a training centre?
    No not at all. depending on where your territory is located you would have the ability to book and use one of the network of training centres. However, if you decided to open your own centre, we would be able to offer advice, support and accreditation to ease the process.
  • How long is the franchise agreement?
    Our franchise agreement lasts for five years with an automatic option to renew subject to minimum performance criteria. We are committed to offering the continuing on-going support for all our new franchise operations. We provide hands-on support whenever it is needed. We provide regular support visits, regular audit and review visits, training and development meetings in order to share ideas and experiences. Our Phoenix Induction course offers a full week of training on our in-house systems, operations and services and our back-office services. We have a comprehensive business model already in place which takes away all the head-aches so you can focus on making profit. You can be reassured by the fact that Phoenix Industrial Training is accredited each year and is recognised for its high standards. It is also in the brand’s best interests to train and support franchisees, as the franchise only makes its money when franchisees are making money for themselves.
  • When can I speak to some franchisees?
    Only after we have met and decided that all parties are happy to explore a franchise opportunity with Phoenix Industrial Training. We are looking for talented and motivated franchise partners and, as such, have a stringent recruitment policy. Our franchisees are busy running their own businesses, and we respect that. They have been in the same position as you, though, and are willing to meet with genuine parties that have been through the correct channels. They also want us to make the right selection of potential franchisees because making the wrong selection can only be bad news for everyone. We work well as a whole team!
  • How long does it take to start after signing?
    This depends on when we are schedulled to be running the necessary courses. However, the timescale also depends on the individual franchisee and what prior experience / qualifications the already have. The order in which courses are attended can also be changed in certain situations. That said, every territory will be different, and we will work with you to complete the necessary documents. We will assist you to finalise the business and marketing plans.

If you have a question that hasn't been covered above or think you might be interested in understanding more about owning a Phoenix Industrial Training Franchise in your area, we would love to hear from you. 


Please get in touch with us either by phone on 033 3366 0065 or complete our contact us form below and a member of the team will be delighted to contact you at the earliest convenience.

Thanks for submitting this form, a member of our team will be in touch soon.

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